editorial design   |   illustration

“Morocco: Mazing Medinas and Desert Nights” is a G Adventures tour brochure, guiding the prospective traveler through their eight day excursion. The tour highlights include: taking a camel to tour the dunes before experiencing the Sahara on an overnight camping excursion, exploring high-walled kasbahs and wandering the labyrinthine alleys of Fes and Marrakech. 

The layout is designed to conceptually play on the idea of being guided through the winding roads and markets of North Africa. If followed from beginning to end, the lines and graphics in the brochure will be your guide. It is designed to evoke the experience of tasting, feeling, and touching the natural beauty of Morocco.  Bright colours, inspired by traditional building tiles appear throughout.  A thick scripted font is paired with a thin sans serif, to keep the brochure contemporary.