Kelsi Kulcsar Graphic Design




layout   |   art direction

The Obakki Foundation is a charitableorganization with a deeply rooted belief that a safe, reliable source of water is thefoundation for growth in all areas of life. With clean water, communities in Africa can do more than just survive; they can thrive. Their model is simple: they drill wells, monitor their adoption, and then expand development in villages that show a capacity for maximizing their       newfound resource. 

“Live With a Purpose” is a campaignwith the goal of raising money for humanitarian efforts. The participants who raise the most money are invited on a trip to Cameroon, Africa for a humanitarian mission with the foundation’s founder.  The purpose of the “Meet” email is mainly to motivate participants to continue with their fundraising, inspire them through stories, and provide participants with fundraising tools and support. The email layouts combine Obakki’s existing branding and photography to guide the reader throughout the content.