logo design   |   business cards

“Studio 52A” is a makeup and lash studio located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.  It serves as the cities only contemporary, upscale studio of its kind.  

The client was open to a more minimal look, representative of the work she does.  The logo reflects not only the studio space, but also the lash lines the client works closely with. The studio name is placed inside a thin box which represents a window.  Eyes are the windows to the soul, and are accentuated by the client using her false lash techniques. A light weight sans serif typeface was chosen to reflect the overall feel of the interior space, which includes strong angles, but also smooth, rounded corners.  

The business cards take the relation between the studio and the services one step further. By incorporating marble texture on the background of the front card, a seamless experience between inside the studio and out is achieved.